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Beyond the Horizon is the preeminent manufacturers’ representative firm in the 21st century disciplines of energy management and utility loss recoveries.

Beyond the Horizon seeks out and represents innovators and manufacturers of leading edge technologies as applied to energy management disciplines. Applications of these technologies provide end user customers substantial reductions in utility costs and physical plant operations costs.


Beyond the Horizon serves commercial markets, with a specialty in commercial, industrial, and hospitality, by introducing leading innovative technological applications to the customer base.

Beyond the Horizon facilitates customers’ entry to the use of new utility saving technologies. This entry is possible because implementation of these technologies reduces utility/resource expenses sufficiently that existing money allocations are redirected to fund this entry. Surplus is available to the bottom line.

Beyond the Horizon enables the customer to attain increased profitability. Increased profitability occurs through elimination of continuing losses caused by unnecessary use of utilities and natural resources (electricity, gas, water, sewer, maintenance . . .).

Beyond the Horizon sells “world class” products competitively. This enables the end-user customers; principal manufacturers; distributors; and Beyond the Horizon itself to attain necessary financial objectives.

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