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R22 refrigerant replacement  - meets all environmental requirements.
>20% more energy efficient. Longest life - most cost effective. Available today.

Delta M

Air Filter Recycling - reprocessing + LEED Points
Filters by themselves - an onerous maintenance chore
Filters by Delta M - a crucial cornerstone of Sustainability

Eco-Revolution Lighting

Full line of energy efficient  - LED fixtures

A competitive line that wins jobs for you. Here is the answer for high temperatures.



LED Retrofit Kits and complete Fixtures. The solution to HID replacement.
Try a Diamonz series Retrofit - Least Cost Energy Efficient Solutions
Made in Atlanta, GA
Take a look at these quickest in town product lead times.
Need it Now - Get It Now!!!

Naya Energy

Actionable Data by Nayalytics delivered by Naya alerts to you.
Naya Patented Energy Management Technology. Total applications. M& V experts.
Define iT. Measure iT. Control iT. Improve iT. Six Sigma applied.
Unimpeachable documented results

Neptun Light

Induction and LED Fixture. Neptun Certified Retrofit Kits.
100,000-hour Induction Lamps and Power Supplies

North Star Lighting

High power LED fixtures for major building lighting configurations.
The LED fixture for widest variety of applications.

Saba Lighting

The answer for the price sensitive application. Full line of energy efficient - LED fixtures.
A competitive line that wins jobs for you. Here is the answer for high temperatures.

SSL North America

Stocked in Atlanta - deliveries to meet your schedules.
Full line LED fixtures - made in USA an imports.
Highest power LED fixtures for large requirements.


Photoluminescent (Self Glow) lighting signs, and markers for emergency egress
Custom Photoluminescent signs such as Law Cards and Evacuation maps.


Compete solar systems - all components, accessories, poles.
Engineered for the particular. Support for utility program interfaces.
This is the future.


Engineering based 30-year-old newest technology manufacturer.
Supplier to the BIG NAMES Xeleum LED fixtures are the ones others copy.
Controls, Garages, Stairwells, High Bays, High Masts, Troffers, Vapor Tights.
Name it Xeleum LEDs lead the technology.

3P Motor Controls

Here is the affordable maintenanceanswer. Custom Solutions!
The Soft Start-Soft Run Energy Saving Motor Controls.
Tempe, AZ based UL 'Panel Shop'.
The energy and equipment saving answer for light and variable loads!



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